Monday, July 21, 2014

Coincidence - July 22, 2014

My children, not one of you is a coincidence. You are all born at a certain time for My plan and purpose. Do not let the devil lie to you. You are not to young or not to old to fulfill your Kingdom purpose. I have a plan and purpose with each one in My everlasting Kingdom but then you must be willing and available solely to Me, to do My will and not your own or that of other people. My will be done.

A world is dying without Me and it is not My will that anyone perish, but that all repent to have eternal life.

Be willing and available, to expand My Kingdom, the only Kingdom that will last for eternity. Do not look back, you can do it. Not many are willing to fulfill their Kingdom purpose. I force no one. I use the willing, and all for My glory.

It is no coincidence that I call you. You are in My plan and purpose for this time but you must be willing to be My faithful and obedient servant until the end. You will have to count the cost because you will pay a price. It will cost you everything. It will not be a coincidence that you will be hated, persecuted and some killed for Me and My Kingdom. They hated and killed Me first, and a servant is not greater than his Master, but great will your reward be in Heaven if you endure until the end. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Individually – July 21, 2014

My children, let no one deceive you and do not deceive yourselves. You will enter into Heaven individually. You must strive hard to enter through the narrow Door for yourselves, because many will try, but will not be able. Do not look at other people but focus on your own walk with Me every day. You are responsible for yourself, not for other people. Each one will give account for their own deeds, good or evil. Mind your own walk individually. Seek to please Me, to do My will as I guide and lead you and no one else. I must be pleased with you. Your reward is with Me.

My calling and gifts are given individually and it is irrevocable. Everyone will give account to Me. I am the righteous Judge who knows every heart and all motives. You are all part of My Body but you are individual members. Each one has a part, a purpose to fulfill but many are not willing. They want others to do their part.

Many are too busy and too occupied with other people. They do not realize that they themselves must work individually on their relationship with Me. Nobody else can do it for them. The one who seeks Me will find Me. If you draw near to Me, I will draw near to you also and I will reveal Myself to you as I wish. I reward those who diligently seek Me. I have no favoritism and I do not discriminate. Come to Me, I hear and I will answer if you seek Me.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

One day at a time – July 20, 2014

My children, do not be concerned about the future, about tomorrow, just take one day at a time. That is why many of you get discouraged, lose hope and want to give up. You keep on pondering about things that you have no control over, and things that you cannot change.

Do not be anxious about anything but put all your hope and trust in Me. Let Me be in control and work everything out for good according to My plan and purpose. I am able to do what is impossible with people and all that I promise. Believe and trust Me, I do not fail.

Let Me guide and lead you every step of the way, one day at a time. I will never leave you nor forsake you, I am always with you to help and to sustain you. Trust Me and follow Me blindly. Walk in faith and not by sight, or you will lose hope and get disappointed because things will not work out the way that you want or think.

I go ahead of you to show you the way, My ways are not your ways. Trust Me and do not lean on your own understanding. Do not try to go ahead of Me or lag behind, follow Me, one step at a time and every day anew. You cannot do anything about the past, yesterday is over, be done with it. Do not keep focusing on the past but focus on Me, your walk with Me every day, take today only and do what I want you to do. My will be done, one day at a time.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Follow Me, the only Way – July 19, 2014

My children, you must follow Me, it is the only Way. Do not be deceived. Let no one lead you astray.  Listen, obey and follow Me, I will guide and lead you every step of the way. Let no one take you of course. Stay on course and follow Me, there is no other way. There is a way that seems right, but its end leads to destruction and many are on it and will find out too late if they do not wake up in time.

The devil has lulled many asleep, that is why they are on the broad way to destruction. They must repent, turn away from the wrong way or they will perish. There is no other way than to follow Me, My way. Those who are not willing, will reach the wrong destination in the end and be very disappointed but will only have themselves to blame.

I call everybody to follow Me, because I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life. You must choose and be willing to follow Me, My Way, it is the only Way. Deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me. I go ahead of you, to show you the way, to make the crooked places straight, the rough places smooth and I will open doors for you according to My plan and purpose along the way. I will guide and lead you, one step at a time. Yield to My Spirit and do not resist or grieve My Spirit. I will not strive with anyone forever. I force no one, but each one will bear the consequences if they refuse to come after Me.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Distracted, not focused – July 18, 2014

My children, you must deliberately keep your focus on Me and My Kingdom. It is easy to get distracted, to lose focus.

The devil will do his utmost to distract you from Me and My Kingdom. He wants you to lose perspective what life really is all about. He will do everything possible to sidetrack, hinder and stop you from doing My will. Keep perspective and be focused on what is really important, Me and My everlasting Kingdom. The other things do not matter and have no eternal value.

Stay focused and do not get distracted. Things will change, evil will increase, the love of many will grow cold, because they are lovers of the world and not lovers of Me and My Kingdom. Those things that are an abomination to Me, they do not only approve of them, but many do them themselves. No difference between them and the rest of the world. They are in enmity with Me and not pleasing to Me. Lovers of pleasure and not separated onto Me and My Kingdom. I know every heart and all motives. Many only pretend but their focus is not on Me and My Kingdom that is why they are not doing My will, building onto My Kingdom as I guide and lead them.

It is a decision that each one must make and be willing to fulfill their Kingdom purpose and to stay focused on Me and My Kingdom, doing My will. I force no one. Everyone has a choice and will give account for their deeds. Do not get distracted, stay focused on Me and My Kingdom, your reward is with Me. I will not disappoint or fail you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Unpredictable – July 17, 2014

My children, I am not predictable like many want to believe and think because they want Me to be predicted but I am not. I am the Unpredictable One, who is Omnipotent, I Reign by My Great Power and I do as I wish. No man, no woman is able to predict Me. Many want to keep Me in a box, they want to limit and restrict Me because they do not know Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do, the unpredictable.

Many try to predict Me, because they lean on their own understanding and own wisdom, they are fallible men and women. The truth is, I am unpredictable. Although My promises do not fail. I do what I promised but at My time and as I wish because I stay unpredictable. I do not change.

Get to know Me for real, more and better, then you will know and understand that I am unpredictable. I am who I said I am, The Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the One who Is, who Was and who Is to come at the appointed time. The one who seeks Me will find Me. If you draw near to Me, I will draw near to you.

I reveal Myself in an unpredictable way, as I wish. Seek Me diligently with all your heart and I will reward you in an unpredictable manner. I do not fail and I do not disappoint those who diligently seek Me. Seek Me until you find Me, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Extraordinary things – July 16, 2014

My children, you are in a time where the extraordinary things will escalate. All the things that have been foretold will come in fulfillment at My appointed time. My promises do not fail. I am in control of all things. I know the end from the beginning. Nothing is new or hidden from Me.

Time is in My Hand and of the essence. Do not be complacent and do not procrastinate but do as I guide and lead you into My perfect will for this time.

Many do not believe and trust Me when I say that I am able to do the extraordinary. It is because they do not know Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do, the extraordinary, the impossible, the supernatural. What am I not able to do? I did not change and I will not change.

Do not try to limit or restrict Me with your own understanding and because of disbelief but trust Me with all your heart then you will see My Hand move through the extraordinary, miracles, wonders and signs will take place, it will be obvious. I do what is impossible with people.

I will do the extraordinary for My children and through those who are willing to be solely used by Me for My plan and purpose in My Kingdom and all for My Glory. Be available, yield to My Spirit and I will work miracles through you in an extraordinary way as I wish according to My will.

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