Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Separate and different – August 21, 2019

You must be wise and not foolish. Be separate and different from the rest of the world. You belong to Me and My Everlasting Kingdom. You are A Temple of My Holy Spirit. I Am Holy and you must also be Holy. Do not be deceived.

Many are deceived and in darkness. They are Not My children of Light but off darkness and disobedient. They are the same as the rest of the world, they perfectly blend in, no separation and no difference. They are only deceiving themselves. The unHoly, unGodly, unRighteous will Not Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom.

There are many different religious organizations, they use the same tactics, same brainwashing, same manipulation, deceiving the masses with their own man made doctrines of deception by which they lured them away from Me, to their entertainment buildings of stone and mortar with empty promises, just like the rest of the world. They are only busy with dead religious practices. No difference but an Abomination to Me. They do Not belong to Me Nor are they part of My Everlasting Kingdom. I do Not Live in man made buildings. Judgment will start at My House first. My House must be Holy, a House of prayer. Come out, be separate and I will Receive you. I Love and I Care for you. I Am The only Way, The Truth and The Life. Be separate and different and Follow Me, My Way.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Conquerors – August 20, 2019

You are more than conquerors through Me who Loves you. Victory is always assured with Me. Be willing and determined to be conquerors who conquer to be victorious overcomers. You are able, but then you must endure and persevere and not lose Hope nor give up on Me and My Everlasting Kingdom, or it will be all in vain.

Many are Not willing nor determined enough to endure, to be conquerors who conquer. They lose hope and give up too quickly, all in vain.

Be steadfast and unmovable. Be conquerors who conquer in Faith to be victorious overcomers. No matter the situation, your circumstances. You are able, with Me all things are possible. I Am Not Limited Nor Restricted. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me. I Do the Impossible. Do Not lose Hope nor give up on Me and My Everlasting Kingdom or it will be all in vain and that is what satan your adversary wants. I Overcame the world, you are also able to overcome.

Be a conqueror who conquers over evil. Do Not let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing what is right and good.  Love and do Not hate, bless and do Not curse. Do Not repay evil with evil but with good. Conquerors conquer and triumph.

Monday, August 19, 2019

From the Ordinary and the Natural – August 19, 2019

Those who endured and waited Patiently on Me will Not be disappointed. I Am always Faithful and Trustworthy. I have Prepared and Equipped you for My Plan and Purpose for this time.

You will go from the ordinary to the Extraordinary, from the natural to the Supernatural, from impossible to Possible as Promised by Me. All things are Possible with Me because I Strengthens you. You will go forth in My Great Power and in My Authority to Accomplish My Will according to My Plan and Purpose and all for My Glory.

I Am Not Limited nor Restricted. Do Not doubt Me. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me alone and do Not lean on your own understanding of how things will work out or Not and how you will go from the ordinary to the Extraordinary, from the natural to the Supernatural and from Impossible to Possible.

Have Faith in Me. I Am The Almighty, The King of Glory, The Great I Am. Your endurance and patience will be rewarded. I do Not Fail nor do I Disappoint. I Am always with you. I Am Emmanuel.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Focus on Me, My Will – August 18, 2019

You must all Focus on Me, My Will, My Plan and Purpose to build My Everlasting Kingdom that is not of the world but The only Kingdom that will last forever. It is Not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. I Find No Pleasure in the death of a sinner.

Many focus on the wrong things in life, their priorities are not right. That is why they are Not in My Perfect Will, nor Pleasing to Me.

Focus on Things Above the Eternal that matters and not on the temporary earthly things that have no Eternal value and will be burned up at The Appointed Time. There is a Time for everything and I Am in Control. I Know The End from The Beginning. I Work all Things out for Good according to My Plan and Purpose. My Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

You must deliberately Focus on Me, My Will and Seek to fulfill your part in My Everlasting Kingdom. That is Pleasing to Me.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

For or against – August 17, 2019

You all choose for yourselves because you have a free will. You are either for Me and belong to My Everlasting Kingdom or you are against Me and you are of the world and in Enmity with Me and Not pleasing to Me. No one can Love Me and the world.

Many are against Me, they Hate Me and that is why you will also be hated, persecuted and some killed because you choose to be for Me. I Love and I Care for you. I Am For you and Not against you My beloved children. I in you, is Greater than he who is in them. Do Not fear. Stand firm, be strong and courageous. There will always be those who are against Me and that is why they will also be against you. It is a choice.

You are either for or against Truth. Only Truth Sets Free not lies. Many choose to love lies more than Truth that is why they are deceived and in darkness and their deeds are evil and Not good. All the things that are an Abomination to Me, they do Not only approve of those things but many do them themselves also and they believe that I Am Pleased with them, while I Am Not. Unless they repent and turn from their wrongful ways, they will perish. There will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance. Be wise and not foolish, be for Me and not against Me. Seek Life and Not death. Be Reconciled and in Peace with Me. I Find No pleasure in the death of a sinner.

Friday, August 16, 2019

This Matters and is Important – August 16, 2019

This matters and is important to everyone of you and not just to some of you like many think and believe.

You must desire and be determined to walk with Me every day in Oneness, One in Spirit and in Truth to be in My Perfect Will. My Ways must become your Ways, My Thoughts must become your Thoughts, My Will must become your Will. My Kingdom must become your Kingdom and you must be willing to Serve My Will, My Plan and Purpose, to build onto My Everlasting Kingdom that is not of the world, but the only Kingdom that will last forever.

You do Not belong to yourselves anymore. I Paid The Ultimate Price for you on The Cross by My Blood. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit. You Represent Me in the world. I Am The Light of the world and The Prince of Peace. Be always in Peace with Me. Be children of Light and not of darkness.

You must Submit yourselves totally to Me and My Authority. Deny yourselves, pick up your cross every day and Follow Me, My Way. No one can Follow Me, My Way, if they do Not Hear from Me and get their Instructions and Assignments from Me. I Guide and Lead everyone Myself to be in My Perfect Will.

That is why it matters and is important for everyone of you, to have your own Personal Relationship with Me. It is your responsibility to work on it. It is all between Me and you. You must Know Me for Real for yourself. Then no one will be able to deceive you nor lure you away from Me, The only Way, The Truth and The Life. Many are deceived and lured away from Me already by the wolves in sheep's clothing. I Am the only Savior, The Messiah of the world. It matters and is important that you all Know Me, The One you Believe in for Real. I Love and I Care for you. Come Follow Me.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

I still Expose and I still Reveal – August 15, 2019

Many do Not believe that I still Speak, nor that I still Expose people and things and that I still Reveal new and hidden things. It is because they do Not Know Me for Real, for Who I Am and for what I Am Able to do. They Limit and Restrict Me because they lean on their own understanding of who they think and believe Who I Am. They lack true Knowledge about Me and from Me. I did Not Change. I did Not stop Exposing people nor things and Revealing Things to people. I Know what is done in secret and in the dark. Nothing can be hidden from Me. I See and I Hear everything. You are all ever before Me, the righteous and the wicked. Those who think and believe that they can hide their wickedness from Me also, are foolish because they do Not Know Me.

Many are deceived and in darkness because they love darkness more than Light and that is why their deeds are evil and Not good. They Hate Me and will hate you also because I still Expose them and Reveal their evil deeds. All wickedness will be Exposed and be Revealed in due time. Nothing will stay hidden in secret that will Not be make known. It will all come to Light. I Know everything and everybody, every heart, all motives and thoughts.

Do Not fear those who can only kill your body but Fear Me who is able to throw into hell. I still Expose and I still Reveal, be in Awe of and Reverence for Me. Be wise. You will all Give account for your own deeds and bear the consequences. I always Judge Fairly and Justly. I have No Favoritism and I do Not Discriminate. I Repay, Vengeance is Mine.