Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holy temple - August 11, 2010

My child, your body is My temple, My house. You do not belong to yourself anymore. You must be holy because I am holy. My standard of holiness is not the same as the worldly standard. My Kingdom is not of this world. You must separate yourself from the world and it's desires, you are in this world but not of it. Be different, unblemished, without spot or a wrinkle. Live a life pleasing and acceptable to Me. Do not conform to the world, stay holy.

Ask Me, if I am pleased with you and if you are acceptable for Me and My Kingdom. Many will be very disappointed in that day because they never asked Me, but assumed that they were ready and worthy for the Kingdom of Heaven. Without holiness no one will see Me.

My children do not assume, make sure with Me, lest you be disappointed on that day, when they will cry out and say Lord, Lord and I will say to them: Go away from Me, I never knew you, you who work iniquity. Now is the time to make sure with Me, do not wait, tomorrow might be forever too late.

My child, do not look at others, be holy, because I only dwell in a Holy Temple. Do you hear My voice? Sin separates you from Me and prevents you from hearing My voice. Be My holy temple, represent Me. Let My light shine in you. Draw those in darkness unto Me.

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