Wednesday, August 18, 2010

While you can - August 18, 2010

My children all of you are able to sow good seed while you can, to be able to reap a good harvest in due time. Do not stop sowing, continue faithfully, because if you do not sow you will not reap. There is a time set for everything.

My child if you do not sow, who will? Do not look at others you can sow but be very careful what kind of seed you sow, because what you sow you will also reap. You cannot make it grow, but I can and I will. You must sow enough good seed for a harvest before it will be too late.

My child listen and obey My guidance, I know best and will direct you what to sow and where. Ask Me, it is My fields and you must be very careful what you sow because you will also reap what you have sown.

Do not worry about the weeds, do not let them put you off from sowing good seed. In the end the weeds will also be harvest, to be burned. Make sure that you sow good seed and enough to bring forth a harvest in due time. If you sow sparingly you will reap little. Sow My children and sow good seed while you have time and the opportunities. I know what every one sowed good or bad, what you sow you will also reap. I am in control of the harvest. Sow while you can.

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