Sunday, August 8, 2010

You belong to Me - August 08, 2010

My child you do not belong to this world, yourself or to any one else. You belong to Me, I paid the ultimate price for you out of love, with My precious Blood to set you free and you will be free indeed. You are a temple of My Holy Spirit, you belong to Me. I am holy and you must be holy. Without holiness no one will see Me. My standard of holiness is not your standard.

My child you belong to Me and not to this world any more. You are in this world but not of it. You must be different because you belong to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Seek to become more like Me. Ask and allow Me to transform you more and more into My likeness to be pleasing to Me. I force no one and there is no partiality with Me. It is not a one day event but an ongoing transformation process to purge, clean and purify you like silver so that you can be pure, acceptable to Me. Let My purification fires cleanse you and burn off all the dross out of you, all that is not pleasing nor acceptable to Me. My child you will never be disappointed and you will never be the same, you will be different, changed, usable for My plans and purposes. My Light in you will shine and will draw others out of the darkness unto Me.

My children belong to Me, I call them by their names. Deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow Me willingly. Submit and obey Me, yield to My Spirit, I will guide and to lead you every step of the way until the end. I will never leave nor forsake you. I do not abandon My own because they belong to Me.

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