Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you listen? - January 25, 2011

My children, many have ears to hear but they do not hear. Satan has made them deaf for the truth. They believe his lies, they are deceived and in darkness. Only the truth will set them free, if they will but listen and accept it. Love the truth.

I speak to everyone, but few listen and pay attention when I try to speak to them. Some do hear but they ignore Me and grieve My Spirit. Others have sin in their lives that causes them not to hear My voice. Sin separates them from My presence. Come with a repentant heart to hear My voice. Nothing can be hidden from Me. I will speak to you but at My time. There is no partiality with Me. I speak to everyone. I speak in different ways as I wish.

Many only listen to the voices of strangers, therefore they do not seek to listen to Me for themselves. They are satisfied with that what they receive from strangers and not from Me. They are not willing to come to Me, to make time and to wait patiently on Me to hear from Me. I know every heart.

My children, you must listen to My voice to be able to follow My guidance every step of the way. If you do not hear My voice you are not guided by My Spirit. Make sure that you listen to Me and not to strangers, it can be fatal. Do you really listen, hear My voice, obey and follow My guidance? Never stop listening to Me, without Me you can do nothing. I am your only hope. Do you listen to Me?

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