Sunday, January 23, 2011

Expose - January 23, 2011

My children, what is there that anyone can hide from Me? I will expose all hidden things, nothing is hidden from Me. I see and hear everything. Man thinks that he can hide things from Me. Many will be in awe when they see and hear about the hidden things when it gets exposed.

Some will expose themselves. Those who only confess Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me will be exposed for who they really are. A tree is known by its fruit. A tree that does not bear good fruit will be exposed. It will either be pruned or cut off to be burned.

My children, do not look at others when they try to hide from Me. I see and hear everything. There will come a time when I will expose them and they will be put to shame. Search your own heart and see if there is not an evil way already, expose it for what it really is. Get rid of everything that hinders you in your walk with Me. Those things you expose will not be hidden in darkness any longer but brought to Light.

Your enemies will also be exposed. I will reveal hidden and new things to My beloved children beforehand. You will never be in darkness. Even your enemies will be in awe when I expose their wickedness.

My children, expose yourself to the world. Let them see that there is still Light. Do not hide your Light but let it shine in the darkness for all to see. If My Light shines in and through you it will draw others to Me, the Light of the world.

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