Monday, January 24, 2011

You must be holy - January 24, 2011

My child, you must be holy. Do not look at others and try to compare yourself to their standard of holiness. My standard of holiness is not the same standard of that of the rest of the world. I am holy and you must be utterly holy, without holiness no one will enter into My Heavenly Kingdom. I am the Righteous Judge and I will decide who will enter My Kingdom. No man can tell you if you are pleasing and acceptable to Me, ask and make sure with Me.

My child, you must live a holy life and be an example to others, to show them that it is possible to obey Me. Do not conform to this world again for the acceptance of anyone but to stay separate and follow My guidance.

I will show you what needs to be corrected in your life that is not pleasing to Me. Do not try to hide or justify your weaknesses, repent and get rid of everything immediately. You must be holy and stay holy until the end.

You cannot be part of the world system and still be holy. Separate yourself from the things of this world which can soil and distract you from living a godly life. Make a choice, decide for yourself. Nobody else can do it for you. I will not force anyone. You are responsible for your own destiny. You must be holy and pleasing to Me.

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