Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ask Me who knows – February 15, 2011

My child, if you need wisdom, ask of Me who gives freely to everyone without finding fault. Without Me you can do nothing. Do not lean on your own understanding or ask men ask Me who knows everything. I know the end from the beginning already. I know what is going to take place next, how and when, all in My appointed time. Men cannot hide anything from Me. Trust Me with all your heart. I will not fail you.

My child, if you want to know your purpose in My Kingdom and My plan with you, ask of Me who knows not men. Each one of you must ask of Me. I know and I am in control of My Kingdom. I have a plan and purpose with every one of My children, because you are unique, chosen for Myself to be used by Me. No one can fulfill another ones purpose, plan but if any one is not willing to do My will, I will use somebody else to fulfill My plans and purposes for this time. I force no one. I use the one who is willing and obedient. I know the intention of every heart. I am faithful and man’s unfaithfulness will not stop Me. I am not limited. I will do what I have promised at My time and how I wish.

Man is limited, I am not. Ask Me, I know and can do the impossible in any situation at any time. I have all the answers in your current situation, ask of Me, I will answer and will work all things out for good at My time.

My children, many are deceived and in darkness because they inquire and follow after man whom they can see and hear but do not ask Me, who knows. My Spirit will guide you into all truth if you ask Me. Who do you ask for advice?

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