Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be ready and stay ready – February 12, 2011

My children, are you still waiting in expectation on Me? Are you prepared, ready for that glorious day? Do you still watch and pray all the time, waiting, or did you lose hope and focus because you think I tarry too long? The time will come when I will come and take you where I am, if you are ready. Be holy because I am holy. Without holiness no one will see Me.

Do not be concerned about that day. I will not fail My beloved children. You must focus on Me and My Kingdom, every soul is precious to Me. You must fulfill My plan and purpose to bring souls into My Kingdom so that they can also be ready. Time is running out and there is much to be done in this time. It will not be easy, but I am with you and in full control.

My children, you must not get soiled again, be ready and stay ready, you don’t know when I will come for you. Will you be ready if it is your last day, last hour today? Keep yourself unblemished, without spot or wrinkle and blameless all the time. I give time to many to prepare themselves to make use of the opportunities and still many are not ready and will not be, because they are not serious or holy, I know who are ready. Many will die without Me, even this day. Do not take a chance, see that you are ready and stay ready.

If you really love Me and I am your first love, you will be ready and stay ready all the time until the end, because you do not want to lose out. My children, you will not be disappointed. Be ready and stay ready all the time.

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