Saturday, February 26, 2011

Follow no man! – February 26, 2011

My children, I warn, there are many who follow after man in this late hour and do not realize how dangerous and fatal it can be. They are in darkness not knowing where they are heading. I warn because I love and care for every soul. Trust and follow no man.

Nobody can follow another man because that person has a relationship with Me. Another man’s relationship cannot and will not help anyone. Everyone must seek to have their own personal relationship with Me before it will be too late. Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord in that day will enter into My Heavenly Kingdom. I will say to many in that day: Go away I never knew you. Do not be one of them.

Today there is still time to seek Me diligently to hear My voice and to be guided by My Spirit. You cannot follow Me if you do not hear My voice first. You must hear My voice so that you can hear from Me what to do. I am in control of My Kingdom, I give assignments and instructions as I please. I know My plans and purpose for everyone, not man. I guide each one of My children every step of the way. They will not be in darkness. I am their Light and they follow Me and not man.

Those who follow man, stop following them or you will end up where many of them will end up. Many do not have a relationship with Me, I am not real and alive to them. Others do not follow Me because they are more interested in doing their own things not Mine. The blind cannot lead the blind both will end up in the ditch. Make sure with Me that I am pleased with you and you are busy doing My will, following My leading and not that of any man.

Come! Follow Me.

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