Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learn to trust Me – February 09, 2011

My children, those of you who do not trust Me but in men whom you can see, will soon learn to trust Me. Your faith will be tested severely. I will shake everything that can be shaken because many rely on men and their earthly possessions and not on Me, they have never learned to trust Me. I am not their King and I am not real and alive to them.

Turmoil is coming. I will take away all your crutches, those people and things you depend on, you will learn to trust in Me and Me alone. Many only serve Me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. They do not trust Me for who I am and what I am able to do. They will learn to trust Me or they will be in darkness not knowing what to do. You must walk by faith not by sight. Many walk by sight they want to see everything because they did not learn to trust Me.

Those who do not trust Me will not listen to My voice nor follow Me. I am not real and alive to them. They will either learn to trust Me, listen to My voice, follow and obey Me or they will not know what to do in this coming time.

My beloved children listen to My voice, they follow and obey My guidance every step of the way. They do not trust strangers, but run from them. Many trust strangers because they can see and hear them but they do not know Me. They have never learned to listen and to trust Me.

Every child of Mine must learn to trust Me. If you spend time with Me, I will get real and alive to you, you will get to know Me more and better and will trust Me for who I am. If you do not trust Me you have no relationship with Me. You must learn to trust Me and do not put your trust in men and earthly things which you can see and touch, you can lose it all in a moment. What will you do when everything around you is destroyed and you are left alone? Who do you trust? Did you learn to trust Me and Me alone? Learn to trust Me.

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