Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Make Me your Good Shepherd – February 23, 2011

My children, I am the only Good Shepherd and I take care of My own sheep Myself. I know each one by name, they are not strangers to Me. They know My voice, hear and follow Me wherever I lead them every day. They do not listen to nor follow after strangers, but run away from them. I protect them from the wolves, I warn them because I love and care for them. I do not want any one of them to stray or become prey to the wolves. Every one of them is precious to Me, they belong to My flock.

I call My sheep out from the rest of the sheep, because not all the sheep belong to My fold. If you hear My voice, My call, obey, come out and follow Me, do not wait. I will be your Good Shepherd and I will not fail you. My sheep will not go hungry because I take care of them Myself. I guide them to green pastures and to waters where they can find rest.

Did you make Me your Good Shepherd? I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am always with you. I never slumber nor sleep. I keep watch day and night. Nothing can be hidden from Me. I warn My sheep of danger beforehand. They know their Good Shepherd and I know them.

My eyes search the earth for the lost sheep. I call them back to My fold because they belong to Me. Some strayed, others have become prey to the wolves, they are wounded. I am the Good Shepherd, who cares, who gave His life for His sheep out of love. I do not want anyone to perish. I will search and call so that more can make Me their Good Shepherd because I love and care for everyone. Make Me your Good Shepherd today and you will never be disappointed.

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