Friday, February 4, 2011

More mercy – February 04, 2011

My children, this is a time to pray like never before, to plead for more mercy by My Throne of Grace for yourself, your loved ones, friends and the world. Many will perish in My wrath to come, plead for more mercy for souls to be spared and saved. I gave many warnings and chances for man to repent before I pour out My wrath. I am the only righteousness Judge who knows every thought and the intentions of every heart. What will anyone be able to hide from Me? Where will men be able to go and hide from My fierce anger? I am watching everyone.

Today is the day to plead for more mercy because today some will die already without Me and forever too late. I will not strive with the wicked forever. I am the only One who is able to throw into hell.

My children, some of you will also lose your earthly possessions but I will let you escape with your life. Your soul is important to Me. Do not seek for yourself earthly treasures which will be destroyed in the day of My wrath but seek for yourself heavenly treasures which will last forever. Pray, plead for mercy to be spared in that day.

I am Holy, be holy, because without holiness no one will see Me nor enter into My Heavenly Kingdom. I change not and My standard of holiness is not the same as that of the world. Ask Me if I am pleased with you. Plead for more mercy while there is still time. Mercy time is running out for many. There will be no more mercy without repentance.

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