Thursday, February 10, 2011

My time – February 10, 2011

My children, I am in control of time not men. I do not go by the time of men. Time is in My Hand and things will work out and take place according to My time. I am not limited by the time man has made for himself. I never slumber nor sleep. I am always available, day and night, watching and helping those who seek Me, no matter the time. When you go to sleep there are others awake, always somebody who needs Me.

Many try to predict My coming by their time. I do not tarry, but it is not My will that anyone perish but all repent and have eternal life. Men predicted My coming for many years but it was not My time yet. There is a time for everything in heaven and on earth. I know it all. I know the end from the beginning, nothing is new to Me nor can any man hide anything from Me. I see and hear everything. I give more time if I wish, who can stop Me from doing what I want and when I want. I reveal hidden and new things at My time. I also make known the unknown beforehand. I warn before I pour out My wrath at My time.

Life and death is in My Hand. I give life and I take it again at My time. Some pleaded with Me for more time, so I gave them more time. I know the intention of every heart. I hear and I answer prayer at My time. Do not stop praying, that can delay My wrath being poured out and saved souls.

My children, you must never lose hope when things do not work out the way you thought and at your time. Your time is not My time. Be patient and wait on Me I am in control and will work all things out for good at My time. I did not forget about you. Things will happen and work out in My time according to My plans. Nothing is out of My control I am in full control not men. I laugh at men, trying to predict Me. They will be put to shame and find out that their time is not My time. I am in control and all things will come in fulfillment at My appointed time not theirs. Trust Me, keep your focus on Me, My time is the best time.

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