Monday, February 14, 2011

Never give up – February 14, 2011

My children, you must never give up or lose hope in this time. This is not your end destination, the best is still to come. Your hope and future must be in Me to be with Me forever. Without Me you can do nothing. Never lean on your own understanding but trust Me with all your heart. I know My plans with you and I will work all things out for good at My time for you. Trust Me and never doubt. I am faithful and will not fail you. Keep going and never stop following Me.

My children, you must never compromise the truth for the acceptance of men. Continue faithfully to speak the truth out of love. The more you speak the truth the more people will hear it and more can be set free from the lies they have been taught that they believe. Yield to My Spirit who will guide you into all truth. Never stop speaking and sharing the truth. I am the Truth and the Way and the Life there is no other. The whole world is in need of Me. There will never be peace without Me, I am the Prince of Peace. Never stop to proclaim Me to others. I did not die in vain.

My children, never ever give the enemy a foothold. He knows his time is short and will do everything possible to get you for himself. He knows where he is going and wants to take many along with him. Do not become his prey, resist him and he will flee from you. He will use those against you who you least expect. Watch and pray all the time. Always be on the alert, do not slumber or stray. Pray and be joyful, he hates it. Never allow him to steal your peace and your crown. He has destroyed many already and seeks for many more.

Never give up.

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