Friday, February 11, 2011

Not serious enough – February 11, 2011

My children, many are not serious enough, they still have no relationship with Me. They do not know Me nor do I know them. They still only know about Me but they do not seek Me to get to know Me for who I am, only men whom they can see and hear. Few hear My voice, many do not seek to hear My voice for themselves, they are just not serious about their relationship with Me. If they are really serious and seek to hear My voice diligently for themselves, they will hear Me. I know every heart. I am faithful to the one who seeks, there is no partiality with Me. But many are not serious enough, they will not hear My voice and will not have a relationship with Me until they themselves get serious enough about having a relationship with Me.

If you are serious enough you will wait patiently on Me until you hear My voice for yourself. You will not stop seeking until you hear Me. Do not lose hope but continue to seek to hear My voice to have a relationship with Me. Nothing else will matter at the end. Show Me that you are really serious and I will reveal Myself to you. I reward those who are serious, who diligently seek Me.

My children, there are many who are not doing My will but their own because they are not serious enough about building My Kingdom. Some think they have still time to play around, they do not know when it can be their last day, it can be today. I warn, be serious because not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord in that day will enter into My Heavenly Kingdom, only those who obey and do My will. I am the righteous Judge and will judge in truth and righteousness. I know every one’s deeds, good or evil. What can anyone hide from Me? I will test everyone in this time. Who will stand the test? Only those who are serious, are you?

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