Friday, February 18, 2011

Stay utterly holy – February 18, 2011

My children, you must not compromise for the acceptance of any man. Separate yourself and stay holy, utterly holy, without holiness no one will see Me. I am Holy and I change not. Do not listen to men who want to deceive you into thinking and believing that I will excuse you in that day, if you have not repented of anything that was not pleasing to Me. If you are not ready you will not enter My Heavenly Kingdom. You must be utterly holy and stay utterly holy all the time until the end.

My children, do not be deceived by the devil and men, I have not changed. My standard of holiness is not like the world. I am holy and you must be utterly holy or you will not see Me. I must be pleased with you and no one else. Seek and ask of Me and I will reveal to you the things in your life that are still not pleasing to Me. Do not assume anything, ask of Me, I knows all things. Some did not make sure with Me and they are not in My Heavenly Kingdom because they were not utterly holy when they died. They had unfinished business which they did not repented of in time. Do not be one of them. Make sure now while you still have the time and the opportunity.

Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord today will enter into My Heavenly Kingdom in that day. I will say to many in that day: Go away I never knew you, you who practice lawlessness. They will be the ones who were not utterly holy in the end. I warn and I give chances to everyone to come to Me, to search their hearts to see if there is any evil in them and to repent. Nothing can be hidden from Me. I know it all. I discipline and chastise every child of Mine out of love to perfect them to be ready for My Heavenly Kingdom. I cannot force anyone, some rejected My discipline and chastisement, they will not be ready. You must decide and stay utterly holy, pleasing to Me all the time. Do not allow anyone to take your crown.

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