Monday, March 28, 2011

America! America! - March 28, 2011

America! America! The Lord said you despised His mercy time. You will only repent as a nation when something happens to you.

I cry for this rebellious, stubborn nation. The Lord said to me, He will protect His true children. They will be spared and saved when destruction comes to America.

Seek the Lord while He can still be found. Repent and seek mercy, be righteous and holy. Maybe the Lord Jesus will spare you in the day of His fierce anger when He judges the wicked.


  1. I also cry out to God for America! Americans as a whole think we are excempt from God's wrath. I do hope he has mercy on his people when the time comes. It is coming wether people believe or not. God will not be ignored!

  2. Amen! We must never lose hope. If the people will just repent and turn back to Jesus in time. He will have mercy, always faithful. Jesus bless you and keep you safe.