Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be careful – March 10, 2011

My children, I warn you to be careful, you are in difficult times and it will not become easier but more difficult. You must not trust in men but Me only. I am in full control of everything, nothing is out of My control. Things will happen at My appointed time and it will also not work out the way that you thought it would. Do not become discouraged and lose hope or focus. Trust Me who is in full control and will never leave nor forsake My beloved children. I am with you until the end.

Be careful, your enemies will increase. You will be hated, persecuted and some of you killed for the truth, My Name and My Kingdom. Do not become fearful, trust Me for who I am. The devil is out to destroy as many as he can find. Do not give him any foothold, do not become prey to him. Be careful, watch and pray all the time. He is seeking and he knows his time is running out. He will not leave you alone, be careful, he will be your enemy right to the end and he has many workers and schemes. Trust no man.

My children, you are in a time where things can change around you. This world will never be the same again. It is not your end destination. Disasters will increase because of all the wickedness. There will be no mercy without repentance. Yield to My Spirit all the time. Do nothing on your own initiative and do not go where I do not send you. It can be dangerous and fatal. Be careful and follow My guidance every step of the way. Pray and seek guidance from Me all the time. I will not let you down. Stay on guard and be careful.

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