Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friends – March 20, 2011

My children, wrong friends will cost you eternity. Stay separate, pleasing to Me even when you have no friends. Friendship with the world is enmity with Me. If you love your friends and the things of the world, more than Me, then you are not worthy of My Kingdom. Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter into My Kingdom but he who does the will of My Father not of their friends.

Many will end up in hell because they love their friends more than Me, they chose their friends above Me. It will be a terrible thing to fall into the Hands of the living God. I know the intentions of every heart, man cannot hide anything from Me.

My children, some have strayed from Me and the truth because they have compromised the truth for the acceptance of friends. They will bear the consequences for their bad choice. Those friends will cost them eternity and their crown. If they do not repent and separate themselves unto Me and My Kingdom it will be forever too late and they will spend eternity in hell with their friends which they have chose above Me.

My children, I force no one to be My Friend. I am the Best Friend you will ever have. I am far better than any earthly friend. I am able to do the impossible at any time. I am a Faithful Friend, I will never leave you nor forsake you, friends will. I am always available for you day and night. I am more than enough, the Best Friend you will ever have. You will never be disappointed if you make Me your Best Friend, if you don’t you will regret it, but it will be forever too late.


  1. Amen! God is always faithful, even when we have no parents, family or friends! There is nothing in this world worth losing our relationship with Jesus over. I pray that all or any hinderances in my flesh and soul will be removed everyday as I strive to become closer to Jesus the Righteous!

  2. Amen! Jesus is more than enough for us. He will not let us down. Jesus bless you and keep you safe.