Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am with you – March 27, 2011

My children, I told you that I am with you and I will never leave you nor forsake you until the end. I am no man that I will lie. My promises to you will not fail. I am faithful and trustworthy. There is nobody like Me. I am able to do the impossible at any time. Nothing is too hard for Me to do. You must trust Me with all your heart and not lean on your own understanding. Yield to My guidance every step of the way and follow Me as I command you. I am with you and will never abandon My own. Without Me you can do nothing. You need Me all the time to show you the way, to make the crooked places straight and to open doors for you. I know My plans and purpose with you, you are unique. Keep your focus on Me and follow Me. I know the end from the beginning and I am in control.

My children, stay faithful to Me and continue to do My will. I will not fail you in these difficult times. You will go through many things, trials, persecution, tribulations before you enter into My Heavenly Kingdom. You are not the only one, all My children will go through difficult and hard times until the end. Endure, press on and never give up. Your faith will be tested but I am with you all the way to the end. I will bring you through, I will help and sustain you all the way to the end, if you trust and stay with Me. Do not follow after men who are fallible and undependable. Man will leave and forsake you but I will not. I am with you until the end. Trust and do not doubt Me.

Those who do not know Me, will be in darkness, not knowing what to do because I am not real and alive to them. They do not believe that I am with them, I am a Stranger to them.

Do you believe Me that I am with you and will be with you until the end? Follow and stay with Me until the end.

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