Sunday, March 6, 2011

Listen! – March 06, 2011

My children, you must take time to come and listen to Me. Be quiet and wait patiently on Me. I will speak to you, but you must be attentive to My voice. Listen to what I say, not what you want to hear. I am in control. I know the end from the beginning. I reveal the things that are important to Me, for this time for My Kingdom. It is the only Kingdom that will last.

I warn, give directions and instructions to those who listen to Me. I speak to all men but few listen to Me. Many are too busy with their own things, not listening to what I want them to do for Me in My Kingdom, they refuse to listen. If you do not listen, you will not hear and not know what is pleasing to Me. You will be in darkness in this time ahead of you not knowing what to do or where to go. Listen to Me and you will live, refuse and you will perish.

My children, you cannot follow your own minds in this hour. You must listen to Me first, get your instructions, then go and do what I want you to do. Yield to My Spirit all the time and follow My guidance. I am clear, there is no confusion with Me. If you follow Me, I will guide you every step of the way until the end. I will go before you to make a way, to make the crooked places straight and to open doors for you at My time. Listen first. If you are not sure, make sure with Me, I will confirm it to you. Do not go ahead or lag behind, these are serious times, it can be fatal if you do not listen. Be serious, listen to Me and not man. Trust Me, I will not fail you. I am with you all the time and will never leave you nor forsake you, but you must listen to Me.

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