Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mercy time – March 26, 2011

My children, the whole world needs mercy time. There will be no mercy without repentance. Many have died already without Me and many more will also, because they refused to repent. Destruction all over the world will increase because of the rebellion and disobedience of men towards Me and rejecting My love for them. I am a loving caring God but also a Consuming Fire to those who do not repent but continue in their wicked ways.

Today is the day to make use of mercy time, because tomorrow might just be too late. I give many warnings and chances because it is not My will that any one will perish, but men love darkness more than Me, the Light of the world. They refuse to make use of My mercy time when they have the time and opportunity. I force no one. Every one chooses for themselves to make use of their mercy time to repent and receive mercy. I did not die in vain but out of love for all men.

My children, you must not lose hope or stop. Continue to warn the people that I send you to, or send your way. Now is mercy time, some might die today, then there will be no more mercy time left for them.

My children, you must pray for more mercy time for the whole world. Many will die without Me. Pray, stand in the gap for souls to be spared and saved in times of destruction. Mercy time is running out for many even in this day. They must repent now or they will perish.

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