Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My will be done – March 29, 2011

My children, My will be done and not the will of any man. I am in control of Heaven and earth and of My everlasting Kingdom. I know my plans and purposes for this time. It is not My will that anyone will perish but that all repent and have eternal life.

My children, every one of you are unique and only I know My plans and purposes for you in My Kingdom. My will be done and not that of any one else or your own. Seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness then I will add all the other things unto you in My time. Submit to Me, deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow My guidance wherever I guide you to do My will.

My child, you must trust Me with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. If you want to do My will you must obey and follow My guidance wherever I send you and do what I want you to do, not what you want to do in My Kingdom. You must be pleasing to Me and no one else. Yield to My Spirit, obey and do as I command you. My will be done, that is pleasing to Me.

Many started good, doing My will but then they got busy doing their own things again, their own will not Mine and they are not pleasing to Me. They do not yield to My Spirit but grieve My Spirit. Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter into My Heavenly Kingdom but He who does My will and not their own. They must repent, obey Me totally, yield to My Spirit and let My will be done, or they will not enter into My Heavenly Kingdom.

My children, you must serve Me as your King and Lord. My will be done.

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