Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The pretenders – March 23, 2011

Do you really know Me and do I know you, or are you a pretender?

Many profess and proclaim that they know Me in this late hour, but they don’t. They pretend to be what they are not. I know every heart. I know those who belong to Me by their names, they are not strangers to Me and I to them. They have a close relationship with Me, but those who pretend don’t have a relationship with Me, they don’t know Me nor My voice, they only know about Me. I am not real and alive to them. They just pretend that they know Me. They proclaim Me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. Too late they will realize that they did not know Me nor do I know them. I will say to many in that day: Go away I never knew you. Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter into My Heavenly Kingdom, but only those who love and obey Me, doing the will of My Father, not the pretenders.

I am the righteous Judge and I am the Door through which you will have to enter into My Heavenly Kingdom. I decide who will enter through that narrow Door. I warn the pretenders to repent and to strive hard to enter through that narrow Door. Many will try but will not be able to enter. Get to know Me before it is too late.

Today is the day to make sure that you know Me and I know you. Do not pretend or you will be very disappointed in that day. Make sure today that I am pleased with you while you still have the time and opportunity. Do not wait, it can be forever too late. No pretenders will see Me, be serious about your end destination.

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