Monday, March 21, 2011

Surrender and submit – March 21, 2011

My children, you must surrender and submit totally to Me, to be pleasing to Me, so that I can accomplish My will in and through you. My will be done and not your own or that of any man. I am in control. I know My plans and purposes for each of My children, no man can tell you what you have to do for Me in My Kingdom. If you totally submit and surrender to Me and allow Me to guide you every step of the way you will do My will and not your own.

Some started good but then they went their own way and did their own things. They did not surrender and submit themselves to Me and My authority. I am not their King and I am not in control of their lives, they never learned to trust Me. They are not pleasing to Me.

My children, many of you must also surrender and submit your loved ones to Me. Do not interfere in their lives. Pray and intercede, then leave them at My Throne of grace, trust Me and let Me have My way with them. I will work all things out for good at My time. Surrender and submit everything and everybody to Me. I am able to do the impossible if you believe and trust Me. I will not fail you, I am faithful.

My children, obey and follow Me, deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow My guidance every step of the way. Surrender and submit totally to Me, do My will all the time, not your own. Seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness, I will add all the other things unto you at My time. Surrender and submit totally to Me.

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