Saturday, March 19, 2011

True peace – March 19, 2011

Only those who follow Me, obey Me and do My will, will have true peace in this time of turmoil and disasters. I am the only Giver of true Peace. I am the Prince of Peace, without Me there will be no peace just false peace, turmoil and fear. Many have a false peace and think that I am pleased with them, but I am not, the devil has lulled them into a false peace. They are deceived, in darkness, fast asleep, not knowing where they are heading. May they wake up from their false peace before it will be too late and seek to be in true peace with Me.

Make sure today that you have true peace, that you are in peace with Me all the time and that I am pleased with you. Do not find out too late that you had a false peace given by the devil. Many are not in peace with Me because they have sin in their lives which they did not repent of. Sin separates you from Me and sin will takes true peace away. Repent and seek true peace from Me. I will give you peace and will restore your peace if you repent. There will be no true peace without repentance. I know the intentions of every heart and test all thoughts. What can any man hide from Me? The wicked will have no true peace, only a false peace which will leads them to destruction.

My children, the devil will try everything possible to take your true peace away and to give you a false peace. Watch and pray all the time and give him no foothold. Stay always in My Peace, focus on Me, obey and do My will. Do not be disobedient or stray from Me, then you will have a false peace which can be fatal. Seek My Peace and stay in it and you will have a peace which surpasses all understanding in all situations and circumstances. Be in true peace, My peace and let no one take your peace and your crown. My peace I gave to you, stay in true peace all the time until the end.

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