Friday, April 15, 2011

All new – April 15, 2011

My children, do not be concerned about the wrong things, the things of this world, it will all perish. Soon it will be no more. I will replace it with the new. Be concerned about My everlasting Kingdom. I am building My Kingdom, it is not of this world, nothing on earth compares with it. I make a new Heaven and a new earth where righteousness will dwell. The old will be no more it will be burned up. Seek to be part of the new, turn your back on the old. Strive hard to enter through the narrow Door, the entrance into the new. You will not be disappointed. Be determined to be part of the new and let no one take your crown. Endure, press on and never give up until the end. The new is coming, it will be glorious.

I change sinners into My beloved sons and daughters, into My likeness, never to be the same again, all new. I give them a new heart and I remove all that is not pleasing to Me, if they allow Me. I transform them more and more into My likeness. I am holy and I change not, I make them suitable for My Heavenly Kingdom because without holiness no one will see Me nor enter into Heaven. Only the pure in heart will see Me, they are all new, not what they use to be.

Many are comfortable in this world and its pleasures, they do not seek to be renewed, they love their wickedness more than Me. That is why they do not want the new, nor seek to be part of it. They have no desire to be holy, pure and righteous. They love the old not the new. New wine cannot be put in old wineskins it will burst. It must be all new.

Seek to be all new in your own life. Do not look at others. You must be all new, transformed into My likeness, pleasing to Me and no one else. Let My Light permeate you, so that there will be no darkness, but Light in you, that will draw others to Me the Light of the world. I make all things new, for My Heavenly Kingdom.

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