Saturday, April 30, 2011

Choose to live forever – April 30, 2011

My children, I love and care for you. That is why I warn every one of you. You have to choose for yourself, before it is forever too late, whether you want to live forever or perish with the wicked. Nobody else can make the decision for you. You must decide and be determined about your end destination.

Strive hard to stay on the narrow, difficult road to find the narrow Door, through which you have to enter into Heaven. Many will be disappointed in that day because they did not choose right when they had the time and opportunity. I am holy and I change not, without holiness no one will see Me nor live forever with Me. Choose to live forever in this day. Live a holy and godly life pleasing to Me. Be blameless and stay blameless until the end.

My children seek My Kingdom and My righteousness, deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow Me willfully, wherever I guide you to do My will, not your own. Do that what is pleasing to Me.

Many had started well, but when I disciplined and chastised them, to change them into My likeness, they walked away. They were not willing to be transformed, instead they despised My discipline and chastisements, they will be very disappointed in that day. I will not strive with man forever.

I warn for so long and only a few are ready. They choose to live forever with Me in Heaven. They have given up everything to follow and to obey Me. They were willing to pay a price for their decision to live forever with Me. What about you? Choose this day, life or death. Do not wait, tomorrow might never come.

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