Monday, April 11, 2011

I will take away – April 11, 2011

My children, I will take away, all the things that you rely on, all your crutches, all the things that are more important than Me. I called many, few answered to My call because they have too many things that are more important than Me, too many crutches. I will shake everything that can be shaken. I will take away your crutches, it will be no more.

Many only serve Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They have too many crutches that they rely on. They trust in men and earthly treasures, not in Me. I will test every one’s faith in this time. The test will show who trust is in Me and who trust their crutches. Many walk by sight not by faith in Me. I know every heart. What can anyone hide from Me?

That is why many do not know Me, the Source of everything. I am not real or alive to them because they never needed to seek from Me the Source, they have other crutches, they don’t need Me. Therefore they never got to know Me, they have no relationship with Me.

The time has changed, I will take away the crutches. I will force men on their knees to seek from Me. Their faith will be tested. What will it benefit any man if he gains the whole world and loose his own soul?

My children, what crutches do you have, that you rely on, that are more important than Me? Do you really trust Me or do you have crutches? Who is your Source? Will your faith hold when it is tested or will you falter and blame Me?

My children, are your homes, houses of prayer? Many do not ask from Me, therefore they do not receive. Why did they not ask from Me? Because of all their crutches, they have other sources. They do not need Me.

Repent and put your trust in Me. Make Me your Source because I will take away all your crutches. You will learn to trust Me through suffering. I will shake everything that can be shaken. Will you stand when I take your crutches away? Your faith will be tested, more than ever before, until the end.

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