Thursday, April 14, 2011

It is enough – April 14, 2011

My children, enough is enough. I give many warnings and chances to men to repent in time before it will be too late for them to be able to repent. You might be one whom I sent to warn others also, do not stop warning, they will have no excuse. Very few made use of their chances to seek Me, to repent, to obey and to follow Me. I do it all out of love and because I care, I am merciful, long-suffering, I did not die in vain. It is not My will that anyone will perish but that all will repent to have eternal life.

But, enough is enough. I will not strive with men forever. I know the heart of every man and his intentions. I know who is serious and who not. Every man will bear the consequences of his choice. I force no one. I warn first and give chances to repent before I punish.

Those who keep on rejecting My warnings and do not make use of their chances, will bear the consequences for their disobedience. All the disobedient will be punished. I am the righteous Judge and will judge righteously. Vengeance is Mine, I will repay every one. Nothing can be hidden from Me.

My beloved children, I discipline and chastise every one of you also, to make you suitable for My Kingdom, to be pleasing to Me. Do not disregard My discipline and chastisement, it is for your good, to change you more into My likeness. Take it seriously and repent when I correct you or you will be punished severely. Many have disregarded My discipline and chastisements already and they will bear the consequences. I warned and gave them chances to repent in time because I love and care for them but I will not strive with them forever. I warn, take heed, enough is enough, I will punish all disobedience. There will be no mercy without repentance. Repent before it is too late, time is running out.

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