Monday, April 18, 2011

Miracles – April 18, 2011

My children, every one of you is a miracle, unique, created by Me for My plans and purposes and My glory. I did not change and I will not. I perform miracles, wonders and signs that men cannot comprehend. Is anything to hard for Me to do? I am not limited by man and his limitations. I am able to do the impossible in any situation and in all circumstances. I am the Creator of Heaven and earth and everything belongs to Me, they are all My instruments to fulfill My plans and purposes. I do miracles all the time, today also.

My children, some of you have already experienced miracles in your own life, your own circumstances or those of others. When last did you experience a miracle from Me, not from man? Many have put their hope and trust in men whom they can see, not in Me, the Creator. Many ask men for things, not Me and when men gave it to him, who does they thank? Whom do you ask? From Me or from men? Whom will you thank?

I am the One who performs miracles beyond human understanding, for those who believe and ask from Me according to My will. There is no partiality with Me. Many do not receive because they do not ask from Me. Others ask with wrong motives or doubt Me. I know the intentions of every heart. Nothing can be hidden from Me.

My children, do you want to see and experience miracles, signs and wonders? Make yourself available to Me. I will use you to do more and greater miracles in My Name, if you will believe and trust Me. I am always faithful, mans unfaithfulness will not change My faithfulness. Trust Me for who I am, I change not. Allow My Spirit to work in and through you to do miracles beyond human understanding. I am able, I am not limited. Let Me use you, to work through you My miracles, all for My glory. Be My obedient faithful vessel of honor to go where I send you. Believe and trust Me, without Me you can do nothing. It is not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit that these miracles, signs and wonders will follow you. Yield to My Spirit, who will lead you in all you have to do for Me in this time. I will not fail you. You will experience My miracles and be thankful to Me.

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