Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rely not on man – April 24, 2011

My children, I warn you not to rely on man. Man will fail you when you least expect it, because he is not reliable. Do not blame Me, when you relied on man and he failed you. Some of you have learned that lesson at a price, through much suffering and others will still learn. You will learn out of what you suffer when you rely on man and not on Me. I am trustworthy and My promises never fail. What I have promised, I will fulfill, but at My time. I am in control, everything belongs to Me. Will I ask man anything? Have I failed you yet?

My children, some of you wonder why things go wrong in your life? It is because you have taken your focus off Me and you relied on man whom you can see. You forget that you live by faith and not by sight. You must totally trust in Me and rely on Me only. Things around you will change more and more, never to be the same again. It can change today for you, will you be ready? Whom will you rely on for help? Do you know Me for who I am and what I am able to do? Do you believe My promises that I will never leave you nor forsake you, and I will be with you until the end?

Many do not rely on Me, because they do not know Me. They do not believe nor trust Me but only trust man, whom they can see. Their dependence is on man not Me. I am not real and alive to them. They will not know what to do in the day of trouble. What will they do if man is not there to rely on?

My children, you must not fear when things around you go into turmoil. I will give My Angels charge concerning My beloved sons and daughters. I will not leave you as orphans. I love and care for My own. Believe and trust Me. Rely not on man, but on Me only. I will do the impossible, I am able, I am not limited. I know everything about you, all your needs. Rely on Me and not on man, to work all things out for good for you, expect miracles from Me. Then you will never be disappointed nor in darkness. I am faithful and reliable. I change not. Trust in Me only.

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