Sunday, April 10, 2011

Snatch them from the fire – April 10, 2011

My children, many died without Me and many more will, if you do not snatch them from the fire they are heading to. It will be Heaven or hell, there is nothing in-between. It is not My will that anyone perish in the fire, but that all repent and have eternal life to spend eternity with Me in Heaven. I did not die in vain, but out of love, for the whole world.

My children, if you are not willing to go where I send you to warn those who are heading to the fire and snatch them out now, while there is still time, then they will perish and it will forever be too late. Obey and follow My guidance. I will show you what to do, where and when, without Me you can do nothing. I am in control. I know My plans and purposes. I am building My Kingdom, every soul is precious and unique.

My children, many started good, warning those I sent them to snatch from the fire. Then they got sidetracked, busy with other things, not doing My will anymore. It is not pleasing to Me. Those who are led by My Spirit, doing My will, they are My beloved sons and daughters. I force no one. Man’s unfaithfulness will not change My faithfulness. I will use the willing, obedient ones. I am not limited, I am able to do the impossible.

My children, be careful, the devil is roaring and seeking whom he can destroy. He wants to stop you from warning, snatching others from the fire because he knows his time is running out. He will do everything possible and use anybody to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose, to snatch others from the fire. Do not allow him, be determined and continue, snatch others from the fire while you have the time and opportunity. Time is running out for many. Be willing to go, out of love and because you care. Snatch them from the fire before it will be too late.

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