Monday, April 25, 2011

Stay in My Peace – April 25, 2011

My children, each one of you must stay in My Peace. In this world there will be no true peace because they reject Me the Prince of Peace and without Me there will be no peace. I am the Giver and the Restorer of peace and no one else. Do not be deceived.

Be on the alert, when they say to you peace, peace, then you must watch out. Let no one deceive you. Trust no one. Watch and pray all the time. When they say peace, peace, know then, sudden destruction will come, because as long as man rejects Me there will be no peace in this world just a false peace and turmoil. Turmoil will increase.

Many are deceived, satan has lulled them into a false peace and they think they are pleasing to Me, but they are not. Make sure with Me that you are in My Peace, I must be pleased with you. I will give you My Peace which surpasses all understanding. Stay in My Peace all the time.

When you do not have My Peace, it is because of sin in your life. Sin separates you from Me, it forms a barrier between you and Me. Do you have My Peace in your life? If not, repent immediately, ask Me to restore you, to give you My Peace and I will. You will not be disappointed. Even in the greatest turmoil, you will be in peace. I am with you and will never leave you nor forsake you.

My children, let no one take your peace. Stay in peace with Me and with all men even your enemies. My Peace is true peace, do not be deceived by false peace of satan. Seek and stay in My Peace all the time. You will know.

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