Wednesday, April 6, 2011

True Bride – April 06, 2011

I heard this morning: “I am coming back soon, very soon for My true Bride.”

My true Bride, I am coming back soon, very soon for you. Not everyone who proclaims My Name is part of My true Bride. Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter into My Heavenly Kingdom but only those who really love Me and obey Me, who do the will of My Father. I know who My true Bride is, she is worthy.

My true Bride truly loves Me and she has her wedding garment on. She is pure, holy, unblemished without spot and wrinkle, waiting on Me patiently, in expectation, doing My will and pleasing to Me all the time. She is ready, waiting with extra oil in her lamp for the call to go out: There comes your Bridegroom, go out to meet Him.

My true Bride loves Me above everything. She has set herself apart for Me and My Kingdom. She has willfully separated herself from the things of this world. She loves Me with all her heart, her focus is on Me, nothing is more important to her than to be pleasing to Me. She is in this world but not of it. She belongs to Me the Bridegroom, that is all that matters to her.

Do you want to know if you are part of My true Bride? Ask Me, I will tell you. No man can tell you. I am the Bridegroom, I decide who is My true Bride, or not. Let no man deceive you. Find out for yourself from Me, I will reveal it to you. Make sure, while you still have the time and opportunity. Many will be very disappointed on that day and will have only themselves to blame. I decide and no man. Make sure with Me, are you My true Bride?

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