Saturday, May 21, 2011

Accountable – May 21, 2011

My children, every one of you must know that I will hold you accountable for your own deeds, good or evil and not that of another. No one will be able to blame somebody else for his deeds. I am the righteous Judge and I see and I hear everything, nothing can be hidden from Me. I know the intentions of every heart and all thoughts. What will anyone be able to hide form Me? Make sure that your deeds are pleasing to Me.

Many say to Me, Lord, Lord but they do not what I say they disobey Me. I will say to them in that day: Go away I never knew you, you who practice unrighteousness. There will be no mercy without repentance on that day, it will be forever too late. Today is the day to make sure that I am pleased with your deeds. I will hold you accountable for everything, even every idle word. I am holy and I change not. My children must be holy, pure in heart or they will not see Me nor enter into Heaven. Be blameless and holy.

My children, be careful that no one deceives you. Do not lean on your own understanding, ask Me, I know everything. Do not believe and trust everything that you see and hear. The devil can appear as an angel of light, he has deceived many and seeks to deceive more. He is able to do signs and wonders also. Ask Me for confirmation. If anyone lacks wisdom ask from Me and not from man. I can speak and I will reveal the truth to you. My Spirit of truth will guide you into all truth. Do not be deceived and do not mislead others. I will hold you accountable and you will have no excuse. Many will fall away from their faith because they believe and trust men and not Me. Do not be one of them. You will have no one to blame but yourself and I will hold you accountable for trusting and following after men and not Me. Follow Me every step of the way until the end and you will never be in darkness or be deceived. I am the Light of the world. Yield to Me. I will not fail you, men will disappoint you.

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