Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be steadfast, unmovable – May 18, 2011

My children, be steadfast, unmovable in your walk with Me. The devil will do everything possible to get you away from Me and from fulfilling your Kingdom purpose, to do My will. He knows his time is running out. He will do everything possible to get you shaken to take you off course. You must stand firm, be steadfast, unmovable against him, resist him and he will flee. Do not give him a foothold, nor fear any of his onslaughts against you. Stand and do not retreat. You have the authority and victory is yours, he is defeated not you. Do not react as though you are defeated. Take your authority back and be steadfast, unmovable and continue to do My will and never give up or lose hope. He will not leave you alone, but pay him no attention.

My children, if the foundation of your house is build on Me the Rock, you will be steadfast, unmovable in the storms. The winds will not affect you. I cannot be moved and those who are in Me will also not be moved. They know who I am and able to do. I am with them in the storm and able to calm the storm, to do the impossible. They are not on their own, I am always with them. I will never leave them nor forsake them. They can trust Me and rely on Me to get them through every storm. They will be steadfast, unmovable through the storms, an example to others who will also have storms on the way. You must overcome every storm and get through it joyfully. I am in control and will work all things out for good at My time. Believe and trust Me. Stay steadfast, unmovable at all time no matter what storm might come your way. I will not fail you.

Many did not stand the storms that came their way. They were not steadfast, unmovable. Their house came down. Their foundation was not solid on Me the Rock. Make sure that your foundation is on Me the Rock or you will also not stand the coming storms, they will increase and become bigger. Your faith will be tested. Keep your focus on Me and not on the storms. Trust and follow Me all the way even through the storm. I am with you, you will not be disappointed. Be steadfast, unmovable, until the end.

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