Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do not compromise - May 04, 2011

My children, the enemy of your soul has deceived and destroyed many through compromising. He is out there seeking to deceive and to destroy many more. He wants you to compromise the truth for his lies to be acceptable and pleasing to men. Be on the alert and pray always. Be careful, do not fall into his snares, he knows his time is short. Do not become prey to him.

Stay awake and do not compromise for the acceptance of anyone, not even your own loved ones nor friends. You will be tested, stand the test, but do not compromise at all.

Many have started good, but they fell into the snare of compromising for the acceptance of men and for money. They love men and money more than Me and the truth. They are people pleasers. They are not pleasing to Me and will bear the consequences for compromising the truth.

Do not compromise, even if it will cost you your own life. Do not love your life more than Me. Be willing to give everything up for Me and My Kingdom, but never compromise for acceptance or popularity. Many have compromised because they are busy with self-gratification, they only seek sensation, not to do My will, or to be pleasing to Me. I know the intentions of every heart.

My children, a servant is not greater than his Master. What they have done to Me, they will do to those who do not compromise. The hated, persecuted and killed Me and will do the same to you, if you refuse to compromise the truth for their acceptance, to be pleasing to them. Stay faithful, endure, do My will, be pleasing to Me and not to men. Let no one take your crown. Do not compromise.

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