Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mercy! Mercy! – May 22, 2011

My children, plead for mercy, for yourself, your loved ones, friends, for all men. There will be no mercy if people will not turn away from their wicked ways and seek Me and be pleasing to Me. No mercy without repentance and no peace without Me, just turmoil and more destruction. I am merciful to those who seek mercy at My Throne of Grace. Plead for mercy and protection in the day of calamity. I will protect My own in times of trouble. I know My own and they know Me. Their refuge will be in Me.

My children, do not stop to asking and pleading for mercy. The world is dying without Me. Plead for mercy for souls to be spared and saved in time of calamity, it will come and it will not get easier but more difficult and things will never be the same again. Do not expect to be without troubles. You must endure until the end. You must enter Heaven through many tribulations. Your faith will be tested. Plead for mercy before more destruction comes. Do not think it will not come your way, it will, when you least expect it. Stay alert, pray, plead for mercy, do not slumber or fall asleep.

I am merciful to those who seek mercy from Me, but those who refuse My grace and mercy will perish in their wickedness. I know every heart. Now is mercy time, do not wait, tomorrow might be forever too late. Seek mercy! Cry out for mercy before it will be too late. Mercy before judgment, I will pour out more of my wrath as long as man rebels against Me. If they do not repent and humble themselves before Me I will not have mercy on them. I am holy and I change not. Be holy and stay holy. Plead for mercy!

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