Sunday, May 15, 2011

No place – May 15, 2011

My children, you must be awake, on the alert all the time and pray. The enemy of your soul is seeking to destroy many more, he has deceived many through his lies. He knows his time is running out and he is hard at work, he will not stop and he is seeking after you. Do not let him catch you off guard, he is watching you all the time and will not leave you alone, until the end. Give him no place and no reason to accuse you. Stay blameless and on guard. Resist him and he will flee from you but give him no foothold at all. He is your enemy and will be until the end. Do not fall into his snares, he is out to ensnare more, those who are not on guard and give him room to enter. His plan is to destroy, to kill everyone who allows him.

Some have given the devil a place, entrance in their lives already. They have opened the door for him to enter. Repent, take a stand and shut the door on him, or he will destroy you. He wants you to spend eternity with him and not with Me and he will do everything possible to get you where you do not want to end up. Wake up and fight the good fight of faith. You are in warfare, a spiritual battle which will increase. You must be steadfast and endure until the end.

My children, stay awake, be on the alert all the time and do not slumber or fall asleep. Put on your full armor, I have equipped you to be able to stand against all the devil’s schemes. Yield to My Spirit who will guide you and inform you of the plans of the enemy. You will not be in darkness if you listen and obey Me. I know every plan and scheme of the enemy, nothing is hidden from Me. Do not become complacent, he will change his strategy and come after you again. He will never rest, he seeks after you, give him no place.

Take heed, stay on the alert and pray like never before. Every soul is precious. You must work while you can. The devil will do everything possible to stop you. Take a stand, be determined to continue and give him no foothold and never give up.

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