Friday, May 6, 2011

Sound the alarm – May 06, 2011

My children, if you do not sound the alarm, who will? Many are still fast asleep in this time of great destruction and turmoil. If nobody sounds the alarm, they will not wake up from their slumber in time. They do not see nor hear for themselves. The devil has lulled many to sleep Many are in danger, not knowing it. Sound the alarm, some will wake up, others will not.

My children, do not look around you for somebody else to sound the alarm. You must do it, wake some up from their sleep before it will be too late. Warn them, sound the alarm loud, so that they will wake up and arise, to open their eyes and ears. For some today will already be too late. There is no time to waste.

Many will not be ready or prepared for the destruction and turmoil which is yet to come over the world. They are still fast asleep, not realizing the time. There is no time to sleep. The world is dying without Me because they are fast asleep. Few are willing to sound the alarm, to wake them up in time. The devil wants you to keep quiet.

My children, sound the alarm, while you still have the time and opportunity. There will come a time that you will not be able to sound the alarm. Do not wait. Ask Me to show you where you must go to sound the alarm and wake more up before it will be too late.

My children, if you, My watchmen, do not sound the alarm in time, many will die without Me in this time, more and more. Be on guard, listen, hear what I am saying to you and sound the alarm. I know what is going on. I am in control.I never slumber nor sleep. You will not be in darkness, if you stay in My Light. I will make the hidden and new things known to you, so that you can sound the alarm in time. The enemy is roaring and seeking to destroy those who are fast asleep. He knows his time is running out. He is at work, you must also work while there is still time. Listen and sound the alarm!

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