Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stay awake - May 25, 2011

My children, there is no time to slumber or to sleep. You must stay awake, be on the alert all the time. Watch and pray, the enemy is roaring and seeking whom he can destroy. He is awake, he is not sleeping he is at work and is seeking those who slumber and have fallen asleep. Give him no foothold, stay awake! He knows his time is running out, he has destroyed many, he lulled them asleep. They do not realize the time that they are in and that they are in danger. Wake them up.

My children, stay awake, pay attention to My warnings and obey Me. I will show you what is coming. Sound the alarm and warn because the days are evil. I know the end from the beginning and I will make known the hidden and new things for this time at My appointed time. I am in control. Take heed and stay awake so that you will hear what I have to say for this hour.

Many of the watchmen have fallen asleep, they do not hear from Me to sound the alarm, others strayed. They themselves are not on guard any more, they will not be ready for what is to come. It will come upon them when they least expect it, when they are still fast asleep. If they do not wake up now, they will not make it, it will be too late.

My children, stay awake, listen to My warnings and sound the alarm. Awake those who are fast asleep before it will be too late. For some today will already be too late. Do not lose hope, continue and keep waking up more souls while you have the time. Some will wake up, others will stay asleep. They will wake up when it is too late. Stay awake yourself, be on guard and do not slumber or sleep. Be My faithful watchman for this time. Listen and wake others up.

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