Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stay faithful until the end – May 05, 2011

My children, stay faithful until the end. Do not look at others around you who are unfaithful. Men’s unfaithfulness will not change My faithfulness. I change not. I am always faithful. I am able to do the impossible at My time. Trust Me and no one else. I will not fail you.

Some of you are downhearted, because your hope and trust was in men and they were unfaithful to you. You cannot blame Me for the unfaithfulness of men. I warned you not to trust in any one but Me. You will learn valuable lessons through suffering. Men will let you down, I will never fail you.

Many once served Me and My Kingdom, but they became unfaithful. They strayed to do their own things. They became followers of men. Their hope and trust is in men. They have become faithful to men and unfaithful to Me. No one can serve and love two Masters. They will be faithful to the one and hate the other. I force no one to be faithful to Me. I love My faithful servants.

Always stay faithful to Me and My everlasting Kingdom, no matter the cost. You will have to pay a price for being faithful to Me. The narrow road is not easy and it becomes more difficult the further you go, with many obstacles to overcome. Endure and never give up, stay faithful until the end. I am always there for you, to help and to sustain you, without Me you can do nothing. Trust in Me, I am faithful. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

My children, great will be the reward in Heaven of those who stayed faithful until the end.

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