Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take courage and encourage – May 03, 2011

My children, take courage and be there to encourage others. If you are discouraged, how will you be able to encourage those who are in need of encouragement?

Come, spend time with Me. Seek refreshing for yourself. Then you can encourage others in this difficult time. It will not get easier but more difficult and you must be there to encourage. Be My Light carriers and truth warriors in the midst of turmoil.

Give hope to those who are in darkness and despair. There is hope and a future for them in Me. There is a purpose for them for being still alive. I have a plan and a purpose for them. If they repent and seek Me, they will find Me. They must not wait, tomorrow might be too late. It is not My will that anyone will perish, but all will repent, to have eternal life.

My child, I encourage you, so that you can encourage those who are in need of encouragement. Do not be self-centered. Listen, yield to My Spirit, obey and follow My guidance. Encourage those I send your way. You all need encouragement, to be able to endure on the difficult, narrow road, until the end. Take courage and encourage others.

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