Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today, do not wait – May 19, 2011

My children, many delayed too long to be serious about their end destination. They died not knowing where they will spend eternity, forever too late. It is not My will that anyone will perish but that all will repent to have eternal life. I send many warnings out all over the world and give chances because I am merciful. I find no pleasure in the death of a sinner. I did not die in vain but shed My Blood out of love so that all can be saved and not be condemned forever. If they will just be serious and realize that today is the day for salvation and not wait because tomorrow might just be forever too late.

My children, you must always be blameless, pure and holy in My sight, because you never know when it will be your last day, you must always be ready, your garment must be unblemished, without spot and wrinkle. Today might be your last day, do not wait or take a chance. I must be pleased with you. I am the only One who can allow you entrance through the narrow Door or refuse you. I am the Door. There is no partiality with Me. I know every heart, nothing can be hidden from Me.

My children, today if I discipline and chastise you, do not ignore it and do not wait. Take action and obey immediately. Make right and remove everything that is not pleasing to Me, get rid of it as quickly as possible. If you must go and ask forgiveness, or do restitution, go and do it, do not wait until it will be too late. My standard of righteousness and holiness is not the same as that of the world. I am the righteous Judge and I will judge in truth and righteousness. Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord will enter into Heaven. I will say to many in that day: Go away I never knew you, you who practice unrighteousness. I am holy and I change not. Repent and be holy today, do not wait until it will be too late.

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