Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Warning - Storms will increase – May 24, 2011

I heard more storms are coming, I saw the sky it turn black, dark, it looked horrific. I heard: Pray, plead for mercy. I prayed and pleaded for mercy, then I saw a huge hurricane appear, the eye was big. I have never seen one this huge. It will be devastating. I had a dream about such a huge hurricane also about 2 years ago. They said they have never seen one like this, it was over the whole of the USA from the one side to the other side, it was huge.

My children I warn you beforehand, that the storms will increase. I repay, vengeance is Mine. I am the righteous Judge who sees and hears everything. I use whomever I wish to revenge, to fulfill My plans, to pour out My wrath. I will have mercy on whomever I wish. Seek mercy before it will be too late.

My children, do not fear the coming storms, you know they will increase, you are not in darkness. I am in full control. I warn My children beforehand so that they can prepare, seek Me and ask guidance from Me what to do and where to go. You will only be safe with Me under My guidance and protection. Away from Me, you will not make it through the coming storms.

I warned and gave many chances for a long time, but men refused My goodness and will bear the consequences for ignoring Me. They do not know Me, therefore they do not fear nor listen to Me. I am a loving, caring God, but also a Consuming Fire. Many will find out too late that it was serious and they were not. I do not play, playtime is over. I will avenge. There will be no mercy without repentance. Many more will die without Me if they do not seek Me seriously and repent in time.

The storms will increase, take heed and warn others. Playtime is over. You have seen nothing yet. I will pour out My wrath more and more. Where will anyone be able to hide or flee from My wrath to come? Repent, live holy, be pleasing to Me or you will perish in the coming storms.

Are you ready for the coming storms? Seek Me now or bear the consequences.

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