Sunday, May 8, 2011

When last? – May 08, 2011

My children, when last did you worship and praise Me with all your heart? When last, did you tell Me, that you really love Me and show your love for Me, that I am still your first love? When last, did you spend time with Me out of love and because you want to, not because you feel forced to, or you need something from Me, but just because you want to be with Me alone, when last? I know the intentions of every heart and all thoughts. What can anyone hide from Me? I know it all.

When last, did you remind Me of My promises? I might have promised you something and it did not happen yet. Did you lose hope, or do you still remind Me? Do you believe and trust Me, that I am not a man that I will lie. I am able to do, what I have promised, but at My time. I am faithful, I do not forget My promises, they will never fail. Trust Me for who I am.

My children, when last did you hear My voice, receive new revelation from Me, or did I reveal Myself to you? You cannot hold on to the past, yesterday is gone, you cannot change anything about it or live by it. You must seek to hear from Me every new day, to receive whatever I have in store for you. Everyone is unique and I have a plan and purpose with everyone, I know what it is and no one else. When last did you hear from Me, whether I am pleased with you and what My will is, your Kingdom purpose?

My children, when last did you do something for My Kingdom, that which is pleasing to Me? When last did you do good to somebody else, did you reach out, give them hope again? Many are just self-centered, lovers of themselves. You must be different. Remember what you do to the least of men, you did it to Me also. No matter how small or big it might be, do good and be good to all men, even your enemies. When last did you tell another even a stranger who is in need of encouragement, that I love and care for them? When last did you pray, intercede for the needs of others and plead for mercy for all the lost souls in this world, they are many, when last?

When last have you been serious about your end destination? When last? It is time.

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