Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Am I your Father? – June 15, 2011

Can you say honestly today, that I am your Father and that you know Me, that I am real and alive to you? Do you have a relationship with Me? Do you really know Me and do I know you? Have I revealed Myself to you? Have you experienced Me as your Father who loves and cares for you? There is no one like Me and will never be. I am better than any earthly father can ever be. I know your heart’s desires and all your thoughts, nothing about you is hidden from Me. I know all your needs before you even ask Me anything. Your life is in My Hand. I am your Creator, that is why you are unique, specially made for My purpose.

My children, many do not experience Me as their loving and caring Father because they do not know Me for who I really am. I discipline and chastise them because I love and care for them, I want to perfect and change them into My likeness to be pleasing to Me. They choose to run away from Me and are not willing to be disciplined and chastised because they do not know Me as their Father and will not submit to Me. I am holy and you must be holy, only the pure in heart will see Me.

My child, are you thankful to Me for who I am to you? Do you count your blessings daily for how good your Father is to you, that I will never leave you nor forsake you until the end. I am always there for you. I never slumber nor sleep, I am able to do the impossible. If you ask from Me according to My will you will receive all that which I have in store for you. Do you believe and trust Me for who I am. Am I your Father?

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