Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you in My peace? – June 10, 2011

My children, are you in My peace, the peace that surpasses all human understanding, peace that only I can give? Some have allowed family, friends, strangers, their circumstances and the things happening in the world to take their peace away. They are not in My peace but in turmoil because they have taken their focus off Me and they concentrate on the wrong things. I am in control and I know all things, the end from the beginning. These things must first take place and more will, because men love darkness more than Me the Light of the world, the Prince of Peace. Without Me there will be no peace in this world or in ones heart but turmoil. I am the Giver of real peace, not the false peace that the world promises.

My child, are you still in My peace, or did you allow somebody or the things of the world to take away your peace? Do not allow anyone or anything to take your peace. Be in My peace and stay in peace with Me all the time. Do not allow the devil to take your peace, give him no foothold. Sin will take your peace in Me away. Repent and seek to be in peace with Me all the time.

My children, if you stay in My peace, you will have peace in the midst of turmoil, no matter what might happen to you or around you. You will be different, you will be in My peace and will show others that there is hope and peace in Me. Never lose your peace. Seek My peace and then stay in peace all the time and you will experience a peace which you never had before. I restore and give peace. Are you in My peace?

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